Angelina Vivace is a fashion stylist
and noted expert based in New York City
with over ten years of experience.
While earning a degree at
FIT & University of Delaware,
Vivace’s prolific and extensive background
allows her to cultivate and assemble
a variety of creative
looks, designs, and ideas
molded together
to transform any set
into a uniquely crafted
work of art.
Vivace’s styling aesthetic
is the perfect cocktail of
sophisticated glamour, rock & roll,
sex appeal, and cool edge fun.
Surely her personality
has alot to do with her success,
but its her keen eye for fashion trends,
and business knowledge
that has brought her to where she is today.
Vivace’s arsenal of work includes
look-books, editorials, and advertisements,
as well as her untold story articulated through
her very own “Vivace untold”.